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Life Insurance Company & Brokers

What is a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policy is a contract where the insurance company offers financial coverage through which it guarantees to pay a fixed amount to the beneficiary if the insured person loses his/her life by an unfortunate event during the term of the insurance plan. To remain covered under a life insurance plan, you need to pay a life insurance premium.

The life insurance premium is usually paid annually but you can also opt for monthly or half-yearly modes of payment. While purchasing a life insurance policy, you will end up being confused about what should be the term of the policy or what amount should be your sum assured?

You need not worry, we at Auto Hangar Insurance Brokers have got you covered. Approved by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, we can help you find the right life insurance plans and that too free of cost under the guidance of our expert professionals, so that you do not end up buying a false or less beneficial life insurance plans through biased life insurance agents.

At Auto Hangar Insurance Brokers, we ensure complete transparency and facilitate the best life insurance plans at free of cost. Our association with some of India’s best online insurance companies will give you a wide range of life insurance policies to choose from.

Why Life Insurance Policy?

Yes, a policyholder tends to buy a life insurance policy to secure his/her family financially in case of unfortunate death or disability due to health hazards or accident causing a loss of income. But it’s not only that, there are several other benefits of a life insurance policy that you need to know about.

Many people buy a life insurance policy but are unaware of the many benefits that the policy offers. They are only known to the benefits due to death or disability. Our team of advisers have listed down a few more benefits of life insurance policies. They are as follows:

1. Discount based on payment period you decide.

A life insurer offers different payment periods to policyholders. Policyholders can either pay annually, half-yearly and also monthly. When a policyholder opts for a payment period, the discount is already included in the premium amount charged by the insurance company.

2. Tax benefits

Under section 80C of the Income Tax Act1961, a policyholder can enjoy a tax rebate on payment of a life insurance policy premium. Both private and public sector insurers offer this benefit to policyholders. Under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, tax deductions are also applicable to the maturity benefits of life insurance policies.

3. Beneficial for Business

Life insurance companies also offer an option to a businessman policyholder, where the partners in the business of a policyholder can purchase the policyholder’s share easily on his/her unfortunate demise. An agreement between the partners and the life insurance company will be signed, which would state that after selling the policyholder’s share, the share will be given to the policyholder's dependents.

4. Life Insurance can get you loans

A lot of policyholders are not aware of that fact that a life insurance policy can be utilized as loan collateral depending on its type and value. A policyholder can apply for a loan from a bank or NBFC as per applicable terms and conditions.

5. Online Discounts

The administrative costs of an insurance company drop to a great extent when you decide to purchase a life insurance policy online. This is why most insurers offer discounts on online life insurance purchases.

Auto Hangar Life Insurance Brokers can help you find the right life insurance plans among all our partners. We help you with the best life insurance services free of cost enabling you to make a calculated and informed choice.

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The payment that is made to enjoy life insurance benefits is known as the life insurance premium. You can either pay the life insurance premium annually, half-yearly and even monthly. The insurer calculates the sum assured based on your lifestyle, occupation, number of dependents, finances, the sum assured etc.

There are different types of life insurance plans, they are as follows:

1. Term Life Insurance: The Term Life Insurance Plans offers benefits like death benefits as well as the benefit of additional riders.

2. Unit Linked Insurance Plans: ULIP life insurance is a perfect blend of insurance and investment. It provides long-term investment opportunity along with investment flexibility.

3. Endowment Plans: Endowment plans are traditional life insurance plans that have an element of saving. It is a perfect combination of a life insurance plan and a savings plan. One of the biggest benefits of an endowment plan is the return on investment.

4. Money-Back Life Insurance Plans: If you wish to achieve short-term financial goals, the money-back plans are the best for you.

5. Child Plans: The benefits of a child plan are, secured future of the policyholder's child and financial support for parents.

6. Retirement plans: Retirement plans are also called as pension plans. This plan facilitates financial independence, retirement goals death benefits etc.

There are more such types of life insurance plans. We at AHI Insurance Brokers make sure you make the right decision and gain timely benefits as well.

AHI Insurance brokers will help you buy the right life insurance policy by giving you several options from our online insurance partners. Connect with AHI insurance brokers and be assured.

People are reluctant towards buying a life insurance policy as they are unaware of the actual benefits of a life insurance policy.


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"The services which we get from the Auto Hangar Insurance for our corporate insurance plan is admirable and i am expecting the same kind of services in future course as well. "
Thank you doing such great jobs!

Naresh Kotian CFO, Tungaloy India Private Limited

"I'm very happy to be associated with Auto Hangar Insurance Brokers. They not only provide excellent services but also give fast responses in providing us the best quotes. Thank you for providing us with the best consultation."

Nilesh Ganjewar Finance Manager in Yantra

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