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Car Insurance Companies

You might have spent years to save some money and buy your desired car and you obviously do not want to face any loss due to an unfortunate accident causing damages to your car. To safeguard yourself from the loss, car insurance is the best solution. You can get the insurance done from a vehicle insurance agent but what’s more important is that you must know what kind of car insurance the motor insurance agent is offering you.

Most car owners purchase car insurance just for formality as having car insurance is mandatory under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, but the expenses arising from an accident cannot be covered by any ordinary low premium insurance.

Why depend on a vehicle insurance agent, when you can buy car insurance on your own. Auto Hangar Insurance Brokers from its association with the best car insurance companies will help you find the right insurance plan for your car.

The expert industry professionals from Auto Hangar Insurance Brokers have mentioned a few factors to keep in mind for purchasing good car insurance.

Look out for car insurance with comprehensive cover:

It is always best if you opt for car insurance that offers comprehensive cover. It will offer protection for the damages caused to your car and you from an accident. A comprehensive car insurance coverage will also cover you against accidental fire, thefts and other damages. A comprehensive cover is beneficial even if you have to pay a higher premium as third-party car insurance does not cover for your vehicle and yourself.

At least get a Third Party Car Insurance:

When you buy a car, you must have a third party car insurance at least. As a car owner, having third party insurance is mandatory under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. So if you are a new car buyer, make sure you purchase third party insurance before driving on the streets.

Know about the Third Party Car Insurance:

A third party car insurance will cover you against the damages caused to any third person, vehicle or property. Third-party insurance will cover claims for damages caused to a third party in case of grievous injury, disability or death.

Get additional covers:

If you want additional protection apart from your regular car insurance, then you can always opt for additional covers that can be beneficial for you while driving your car.

Personal accident cover:

If you get a personal accident cover, you can have protection for yourself against any physical loss or disability caused due to a car accident. This cover can be bought for passengers as well.

Reconsider dealer insurance:

The car insurance that your dealer is offering you while purchasing the car will not be the best car insurance plan always. Always have a good check on the coverage and if you don’t find it relevant then AHI car insurance brokers can help you purchase the best car insurance.

Bundled car insurance policy:

You can purchase a bundled car insurance policy as well, where all the cars you own can be covered under a single car insurance policy. This way you can avail discounted premiums for all your cars.

Note the IDV ( Insured Declared Value) of your car:

The IDV is the maximum amount you can claim under a motor insurance policy. If you buy a new car, the IDV will be on the higher side than the vehicle you had one year ago.

Why AHI Insurance Brokers?

At AHI Insurance broker, we will help you understand the above concepts more clearly and provide you with the best options of car insurance companies for you to choose from. AHI offers insurance solutions for free and our expert professionals will guide you through the process of buying the right car insurance for your vehicle.


Car insurance will safeguard your car and you against any permanent or temporary damage caused due to an unfortunate accident. If you do not have car insurance, then you will have to bear all the expenses of the accident yourself. If a third party is injured or suffers any damage in the accident, then you will have to bear those expenses as well. AHI will help you find the right car insurance so that you can drive on the highways without any stress.

AHI Insurance Brokers will help you find some good car insurance companies recommended by our industry experts. We are associated with reputed insurance partners that offer the best car insurance policies. AHI offers insurance services for free of cost.

The car insurance premium is linked to the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the car. IDV is the maximum amount that can be claimed by you under a car insurance policy. Car insurance premium also takes into account the cubic capacity of your car’s engine along with your geographical location. So if you live in a metropolitan city then you will have to pay more premium than someone who owns the same car but lives in a rural area.

Comprehensive car insurance is the one that will cover you entirely if you meet with a car accident. Comprehensive car insurance will cover you and your car and also the damages caused to the third party in case of an accident. The premium of comprehensive car insurance is also higher than other car insurance policies.


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"The services which we get from the Auto Hangar Insurance for our corporate insurance plan is admirable and i am expecting the same kind of services in future course as well. "
Thank you doing such great jobs!

Naresh Kotian CFO, Tungaloy India Private Limited

"I'm very happy to be associalted with Auto Hangar Insurance Brokers. They not only provide excellent services but also give fast responses in providing us the best quotes.Thank you for providing us with the best consultation."

Nilesh Ganjewar Finance Manager in Yantra

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